30 August 2017

Enjoying the school holiday, with one more term in the school year, August 2017

Zach (Class 2) and Duane (Class 5)

Adu (Form Two, sophomore) and Pope (Form Three, junior) 

Robai (Form Four, senior) and Deb (Class 7)

10 January 2017

Doing some shopping for the new school term, January 2017

I took Pope and Robai shopping for the various things they would need for the new year of school. While going up and down the aisles in the supermarket, we kept bumping into one of Robai's classmates, Medina. It became rather comical as we hunted for the items on our lists and would unknowingly find her and her mom again in yet another aisle.

The moms (plus me) - Amina and Agnes

01 November 2016

Educate a Child - Seven Students in 2017

As many of you know, I have been privileged to provide an education for many Kenyan children over the past several years... along with your financial help.

Let's join hands again and do it again!

These seven children are all friends of mine who I know very well, along with their families.

Kenya's academic year starts the first week of January and I will be traveling home to the States two weeks later (for a four-month visit). That means the money needs to come in by Christmas, so I can pay all the school fees before January 4th (when the schools re-open)!

The total for all seven students for the 2017 academic year is - $2,880.

UPDATE: As of December 16th, $955 has come in!

Together we can do it!
We can impact the life of a child and their entire family!

I asked Jennifer (Robai) and a few of the parents of these children to share with you why education is so important in Kenya. Also included is Masudi (who finished high school several years ago), along with his mom. Please watch, as it's only 4.5 minutes long. I know you will enjoy hearing from them.

A few of you already contribute monthly contributions for this cause, which is a huge help. All through the year there are other expenses:

  • textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other supplies 
  • personal items for those who attend boarding school
  • fare to go home for the breaks between terms.

Now I'm requesting some generous 
one-time gifts from several of you
to pay the school fees.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a time when we express our gratitude to God for his many blessings.

Please consider blessing someone half-way around the world.

Just click on this PayPal button and enter any amount. The process is simple and safe.

Another option is to mail a check to my US address.
Indicate on the memo line that it's for the Educate a Child fund:

Deb Smith
PO Box 34083
Omaha, NE 68134

Thank-you so very much and may God richly bless you!


25 October 2016

Visiting Jeremy and Robai at their schools (near Gilgil and Eldoret), October 2016

Linet and I made a day-trip from Nairobi to Gilgil to visit Jeremy at his school. He was happy to see us!

While parked at the stage, I watched this woman hire the motorbike taxi to take her home, along with her various pieces of luggage.

While waiting for our vehicle to fill up with passengers, one of the ladies from the nearby shops served me tea... inside the matatu!
I guess there's always a first time for anything in Kenya.

I also visited Robai in October. Her school is near the town of Eldoret.

On this visit I finally got to meet Mr. Agallo, one of her teachers.

08 August 2016

Naomi and three of my grand-children got to meet Robai, Deb, Pope, Duane, and Zach!

Everyone was happy to meet each other!

Robai gave them a tour of St. Catherine Girls' Secondary School.

At the lake near the school

Naomi, Aaliyah, Antonio, and Mia visited me during the month of July. We traveled upcountry to Eldoret, Matunda, and Kocholia so they met some of the children I sponsor in school.

We visited Deb at her school, Fountain Grammar.

Break-time from classes and end-of-the-term exams

Pope is now in Form Two at St. Stephens Kengatuny Secondary School.
Adu wasn't able to come home from school while we were there.

We had a nice visit with Agnes and her family.
Zach and Duane are seated on the bench.

“If we did all the things we were capable of, 
we would literally astound ourselves.”
     ~ Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931), American inventor

20 June 2016

Duane and Deb

It was hot, so Duane carried his sweater on his head instead of wearing it

While I visited with Agnes, Duane and Zach came home for lunch. Duane especially loves school and is doing well in Class Four. If he finds there's nothing ready to eat at home, he immediately goes back to school because doesn't want to miss anything!

I also visited Deb at her school, where she continues to do well in Class Six. I was at the school during the students' mid-morning porridge break. They also do a little running during the break, as you can see in this brief video. It helps keep them alert in the classroom.

I chatted with Maina, the school gatekeeper and all-around great guy

Transportation for one of the staff members

An extended visit with Robai

Some of Robai's classmates 

Kesses dam is near the school

By chance, I happened to visit St. Catherine's when they weren't having classes. Because that gave Robai and I an extended time to visit, she gave me a tour of the 30-acre school compound. Above are two of the gentlemen that take care of the cattle and kitchen 'shamba' (garden). Daniel (in the middle) is the farm manager and David (on the left) is one of the farmers.

A few of Robai's classmates at their desks

Madina is Robai's 'cube mate' in the dormitory

Purity is one of Robai's good friends

Mr. Too is one of the school's science teachers 

This Swahili proverb means, "What belongs to your parents is not yours."
(For instance, wealth, knowledge, etc.)