06 November 2018

Please consider providing an education this Christmas to five of my young friends in Kenya!

These five young people and their families are all my friends. I met Jeremy when he was a baby in his mother's arms and Deb is named after me. I helped Duane enter the world when his mom gave birth; he's named after my dad. Zach (Caleb Zachary) is named for my two sons, and I have known Adu (Anderson) since 2004.

Kenya's academic year starts the first week of January, 
so I need to pay school fees very soon.

The total for all five students for the 2019 academic year is approximately $1,800.

Several people contribute regular monthly amounts. 

That's a fantastic help, because there are several other expenses all through the year:
  • textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other supplies 
  • personal items for those who attend boarding school
  • fare to go home for the breaks between terms
  • school trips, etc
I also need some generous one-time gifts from several of you to pay the school fees.
Any amount you decide to contribute will be very much appreciated!

Christmas is a time to give gifts to others.

Please consider giving the gift of education for these students on the other side of your world!

Simply click here to see the details for these options at Ripe for Harvest:
  • Electronic-funds transfer [A++] 
  • Credit, debit, or electronic check (recurring or one-time donation) [A]
  • Check by mail [B]
The link to Ripe for Harvest, my missions sending agency, will also explain their grading system on the three options. Once you've made your selection out of the three options, just scroll down to click on my name -
Deb Smith #20098.

You may also donate through PayPal by clicking the button below.

With your financial help over the past several years, together we have provided an education for many young people in Kenya. Ten of them have already finished secondary school - Collins, Masudi, Rose, Sammy, Deng, Mawien, Tony, Derrick, Robai, and Pope.

Let's join together once again in this worthy endeavor!
Thank you so very much and may God richly bless you!

   ~ deb

We can impact the life of a child!


19 September 2018

Great visits with Agnes, her boys, and Deb - September 2018

Pope mended his trousers before heading back to school.

Robai is holding Duane 'Junior', Tony and Lydia's son (who is also Agnes' grandson).
Tony finished secondary school in 2015. Lydia is his wife and the mother to Duane. 

When he was born, I helped Agnes name Caleb Zachary after my two sons

Duane was named after my dad. It was an amazing experience when I helped at his birth in November 2004!

All of Agnes' boys, except Tony

Agnes' family is expanding and she's quite pleased about being a grandmother.

Another visit with Deb at Fountain Grammar Primary School, Matunda

This is one of Deb's teachers. He also gives her extra tutoring outside of the classroom.


04 April 2018

I love hanging out with young people, especially those I've sponsored in school!

Robai and I had a nice visit with Agnes and her boys; unfortunately Pope was at school

As per usual, we used a boda boda for the last leg of our journey

Linet, Derrick, and Jeremy all enjoy hiking and GeoCaching. This was a fun day at Arboretum in Nairobi.

04 January 2018

Early January 2018, another new school year starts

I met Agnes and Pope for a bite to eat and to discuss the funds needed for her sons to start another new school year

Nathan, Alice, Deb, Robai, and I are on the way to do some shopping for Deb's school supplies for the new year

We bought exercise books from a guy with a wheelbarrow

Deb is ready to enter Class 8, the final one of primary school

30 August 2017

Enjoying the school holiday, with one more term in the school year, August 2017

Zach (Class 2) and Duane (Class 5)

Adu (Form Two, sophomore) and Pope (Form Three, junior) 

Robai (Form Four, senior) and Deb (Class 7)

10 January 2017

Doing some shopping for the new school term, January 2017

I took Pope and Robai shopping for the various things they would need for the new year of school. While going up and down the aisles in the supermarket, we kept bumping into one of Robai's classmates, Medina. It became rather comical as we hunted for the items on our lists and would unknowingly find her and her mom again in yet another aisle.

The moms (plus me) - Amina and Agnes

25 October 2016

Visiting Jeremy and Robai at their schools (near Gilgil and Eldoret), October 2016

Linet and I made a day-trip from Nairobi to Gilgil to visit Jeremy at his school. He was happy to see us!

While parked at the stage, I watched this woman hire the motorbike taxi to take her home, along with her various pieces of luggage.

While waiting for our vehicle to fill up with passengers, one of the ladies from the nearby shops served me tea... inside the matatu!
I guess there's always a first time for anything in Kenya.

I also visited Robai in October. Her school is near the town of Eldoret.

On this visit I finally got to meet Mr. Agallo, one of her teachers.