19 September 2018

Great visits with Agnes, her boys, and Deb - September 2018

Pope mended his trousers before heading back to school.

Robai is holding Duane 'Junior', Tony and Lydia's son (who is also Agnes' grandson).
Tony finished secondary school in 2015. Lydia is his wife and the mother to Duane. 

When he was born, I helped Agnes name Caleb Zachary after my two sons

Duane was named after my dad. It was an amazing experience when I helped at his birth in November 2004!

All of Agnes' boys, except Tony

Agnes' family is expanding and she's quite pleased about being a grandmother.

Another visit with Deb at Fountain Grammar Primary School, Matunda

This is one of Deb's teachers. He also gives her extra tutoring outside of the classroom.


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