15 January 2014

The boys are back in school

The academic calendar in Kenya runs from early January through late November. That means a new year has just started!

Tony is now in Form 3 in secondary school (equivalent to a junior in high school).

Pope is in Class Eight (8th grade). This is a very important year in the Kenya education system. The entire year will be devoted to preparing for the KCPE exams - Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. The results of these exams determine which secondary school a student will attend.

Adu is right behind him in Class Seven (7th grade) and Duane advanced to Class Two (2nd grade). Zach needs to do a bit of catching up, so he'll remain in the same class as last year.

Each one of the boys - as well as their mom, Agnes - wish to express a huge 'thank you' for your help in making sure they finished this past year of education! Even though there are individual names on their chalk boards, their gratitude goes out to each and every one of you that has helped!

Education is so important in the effort to climb out of the cycle of poverty. And you are helping to make a difference in these boys' lives!

Thank you so much and may God bless you!



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