20 June 2016

An extended visit with Robai

Some of Robai's classmates 

Kesses dam is near the school

By chance, I happened to visit St. Catherine's when they weren't having classes. Because that gave Robai and I an extended time to visit, she gave me a tour of the 30-acre school compound. Above are two of the gentlemen that take care of the cattle and kitchen 'shamba' (garden). Daniel (in the middle) is the farm manager and David (on the left) is one of the farmers.

A few of Robai's classmates at their desks

Madina is Robai's 'cube mate' in the dormitory

Purity is one of Robai's good friends

Mr. Too is one of the school's science teachers 

This Swahili proverb means, "What belongs to your parents is not yours."
(For instance, wealth, knowledge, etc.)

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