10 November 2015

Let's take a tour at Derrick's school

Derrick with his classmate and good friend, Marvin

Linet and I traveled to visit Derrick at his school

School motto: Strive to excel

Part of the school compound

School bus used for traveling to competitions and field trips

Another view of the school compound

One of two milk cows owned by the school

One of the classrooms

Derrick with one of his teachers, Madam Sheila

Blackboard instruction

Because we visited on a Saturday, there were no classes in session

This dormitory burned down earlier in the school year.
Sadly, this is a common occurrence throughout Kenya.
Fortunately no one was hurt, as Derrick helped to arouse the others.

Nice surrounding landscapes

Derrick pretends to ring the tire wheel for lunch

We hope you enjoyed the tour!

It was a tiring 14-hour day for me, but meant so much to Derrick, who
finishes his Form Three, junior year, this week. I'm glad we went!

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