09 November 2015

Visiting Tony, Adu (Anderson), and Robai (Janepha)

Albert Mutambo and I have had many good conversations in his
office in the four years Tony has attended Milo Boys.

Two librarians at the newly opened library

Poster helping students make wise choices

Tony, with his principal, the day prior to finishing his KCSE
exam at the end of his final year of secondary school

Adu (Anderson) takes his KCPE exam this week,
completing Class Eight (his final year of Primary School)

A view of the compound at Sinoko Andeyo

Margaret and I traveled via matatu and a motorbike to reach our destination

I'm taking the photograph while seated behind a boda boda driver

Robai was very happy with our visit at St. Catherine's Secondary
School, where she's finishing her Form Two (sophomore year).

Margaret and I briefly visited with the principal and deputy principal.
Robai then joined us as we chatted at length with one of her teachers
concerning her remaining two years of secondary school.

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